Turn a pack of tissues into a mobile advertising platform

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(Summary description)3D printing technology has been available for many years, but it has always been well received. It seems that it is far away from the industry or our lives. In the finals of the Fuzhou City Competitio

Turn a pack of tissues into a mobile advertising platform

(Summary description)3D printing technology has been available for many years, but it has always been well received. It seems that it is far away from the industry or our lives. In the finals of the Fuzhou City Competitio

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2018-07-27
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3D printing technology has been available for many years, but it has always been well received. It seems that it is far away from the industry or our lives. In the finals of the Fuzhou City Competition of the 2018 China Ningbo Young College Student Entrepreneurship Competition held on July 24, an entrepreneur presented the 3D printing project Chan Palace. After winning the championship, entrepreneur Wu Yue said confidently: "I hope that 3D printing is not just in our imagination."

Fuzhou is known as "the state of blessing". In the afternoon, the experts from all walks of life gathered in Fuzhou Zero to One Maker Town, Huashan talked about swords and competed against each other. Finally, in addition to the winning 3D printing project, the second prize of the healthy drinking fountain project "Water Know", the mobile Internet project "Litchi Audio and Video" and the third prize of Che Ecology, Remi Art Space, and "Shen" Such projects have won the favor of the judges.

Use VR to simulate car learning

A total of 16 projects participated in the road show that day. The first to appear is the VR simulation training system. Entrepreneurs are still college students, but they have already cooperated with the largest driving school in the area. They have used the feature of VR simulation to help driving school enrollment and achieved good results. "Through our VR system to simulate car learning, you can reduce the tension of learners and give them a sense of safety." According to the entrepreneur, this project combines VR technology and driving test to solve the problem of driving test students in the process of driving and testing. The problem of psychological quality.

Another VR project is also a big brain. It is designed based on 6000 stars based on real data, allowing people to explore the galaxy and night sky in the experience, and learn a lot about the universe, constellations and other knowledge while experiencing it.

New retail is in the ascendant, and its positioning as a new retail service is also catching up with this trend. With this system, merchants can integrate weighing, cash register, membership, mobile payment, etc., and can manage multiple remote stores in real time via mobile phones.

Entrepreneurship must consider the market, that is, demand, and it depends on whether it is rigid demand. The entrepreneurial project "Car Ecology" is aimed at the big market of automobiles. "We target the main target customers at 100,000-200,000 car owners." Entrepreneur Zheng Jian told reporters that "Car Ecology" can collect and obtain dynamic information of vehicles, monitor and diagnose car conditions in real time, and perceive driving status and driving. Environment, etc., to provide users with an analysis system for vehicle diagnosis and asset evaluation calculations. With it, car owners' car assets and maintenance will become transparent.

"After downloading our APP, car owners will be able to understand the complicated and incomprehensible terminology of car maintenance, repair, spare parts and complicated billing system at a glance." Zheng Jian said. Although this project finally stopped at the third prize, young entrepreneurs were determined to expand the market.

3D printing reduces the cost of trial sales

The 3D project named "Green Pepper Printing" demonstrated by entrepreneur Wu Yue won the championship due to the substantial upgrade of market segments. Although it is still in its infancy stage, the project has a strong momentum of development. Last year it achieved a breakeven. This year it plans to achieve a sales target of 770,000 yuan.

"We are not a company that sells machines, we are a technical service company." After the contest, when Wu Yue was interviewed by reporters, he clarified the company's position as a 3D printing service provider for small and medium enterprises.

"We hope that 3D printing is not only in the imagination, but in the supply." Wu Yue said that the company can help mold companies to better communicate with its customers, and it can also help designers connect downstream factories. For manufacturing companies, the cost of mold opening can be 20,000 to 30,000, as many as tens to millions of dollars. The cost of trial and error for companies is very high, and 3D printing can make the manufacturing company and its customers better

Communicate, reduce trial and error costs. Currently, the company's 3D printing materials include plaster, nylon, plastics, resins, metals, ceramics, etc.

Relevant agency forecasts show that the 3D printing market will reach 97.9 billion yuan by 2021, and the development prospects are broad. However, the development has been slow over the years. When talking about the reasons, Wu Yue believes that there are two main aspects: one is the lack of awareness. Whether it is the general public or companies in the industry, there is a misunderstanding about 3D printing, which is regarded as high-tech and put on the shelf. In fact, 3D printing is more of an intelligent manufacturing concept, called additive manufacturing. "The so-called additive manufacturing refers to the continuous increase of materials in manufacturing, not the reduction of materials." Wu Yue also cited the concept of additive manufacturing in the construction of pyramids.

The second is the lack of coordination. In the industry chain, companies that sell 3D machines and companies that provide 3D services are a bit separate.

"We focus on technical services and are closer to customer needs. Unlike companies that develop equipment and sell equipment, we provide 3D technical solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises, and effectively improve their competitiveness and product advantages.

"Wu Yue told reporters very confidently. He said that Ningbo has a developed manufacturing industry and many small and medium-sized enterprises. He has the idea to settle in Ningbo.

"In the next step, we plan to open up our data and use these data to the Industrial Internet to serve more companies." This young man has ambitious goals. During the roadshow, he also revealed the company's financing plan, and wanted to raise 1 million yuan to invest in research and development.

paper towels monetize advertising

The entrepreneur Xu Shengze moved a machine to the stage. This is a smart and convenient paper towel picking device, the size of a small water dispenser, and the 4 words "free paper picking" are clearly written on it. His company has created a profit model of "paper towel sharing and drainage, advertising traffic monetization".

"We have created a brand new advertising media platform through a pack of tissues." Xu Shengze told reporters that their method is to receive tissues for free. The company places convenient tissue machines in shopping malls, hotels, office buildings, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, etc. Places, let people scan the code to receive it for free, and each person can only receive one pack per day. In this way, a large number of offline users are gathered online, and then the advertising content with strong interest and interaction is spread, forming a new interactive scene, and giving advertisers a broader and more precise brand promotion.

"Future business competition will be traffic competition. We can help advertisers find customers, establish connections, generate influence, and increase stickiness." Xu Shengze said that at present, Shuai Xiaozhi has extensively covered the work and life scenes of Fuzhou citizens, and is serving the citizens While providing convenient services, it has achieved mutual benefit and win-win results with enterprises, merchants, and project agents.


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